09 November 2005

Baseball Musings 11/9/2005

Kind of slow in the "actual things" happening in baseball right now, but lots of crazy rumors, including...

A's to San Jose?. San Jose has bought an abandoned sausage factory and thinks this gem will lure the A's down to San Jose from Oakland. Well, before Jerry Browne sends his brownshirts to keep the A's in town, a highly placed source in Oakland says that its not going to happen. Expansion then?

New Red Sox GM will be ... Theo? Rumors are rampant that Theo may replace Theo. That would surprise me, but after Macha and the A's did a similar dance, maybe its the new trend: quit and then reconsider. However, as Gordon Edes says in his blog from the GM Meetings: "The Theo-back-to-Boston rumors? Right now, it remains only wishful thinking, even if 99 percent of the Sox organization would take him back in a heartbeat. Nothing has been set in motion that would lead to Theo's return." And, of course, Dan Shaughnessy tries to get back into the mess, but should just be ignored if we know whats best for us.

Rocco Baldelli gets 6 years/$33 million from the D-Rays What? Huh?

Neifi Perez reups with the Cubs Whoppee! Like, I said, slow week.

More Sox GM News The Red Sox are apparently interviewing a lot of people, including Jim Bowden of the Nationals (ugh), Jim Beattie, formelly of the O's (ugh), Chris Antonetti, asst GM of the Indians, Tony LaCava of the Blue Jays along with all the internal candidates like Jeremy Kapstein, Jed Hoyer and Peter Woodfork.

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