02 November 2005

Baseball Musings 11/2/05

I know, I know, I promised no more Theo-related info, but too bad. Red Sox owner John Henry takes the blame for Theo leaving in today's Sox press conference, and says Lucchino did not force him out. Theo also denies that the Globe article had anything to do with his decision, but makes it clear that the article was a travesty.

And for those of you who enjoy Boston media, transcript from the Dennis and Callahan show on WEEI. They had Curt Schilling on the line and played back some of Dan Shaughnessy's earlier interview:

Shaughnessy: You got Curt Schilling’s take on this thing the day after it comes down. Why is that? Is that because you guys have a relationship because of the show? And I got to read Curt say that he picked up the Sunday paper and knew that was a lie. Tell Curt to go ask the people who paid him $13 million to win eight games last year about that situation. Maybe they can explain it to him.

Schilling: Wow… that’s awesome. (Shaughnessy tape: Tell Schill I love him). That’s good stuff. You know what… I mean Dan knows that I think he’s a tired act and I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me, so take that for what it’s worth unfortunately or fortunately I’m not in the minority in that situation. Dan is Dan.

On to other news...

The Phillies introduced Pat Gillick as their new GM. Gillick arrives after stints with the Orioles and Mariners, leading both teams to the playoffs in the late 90s and early 00s. He's a sharp baseball mind, albiet not a "new generation" type, but hopefully he can right the Phillies. They have a lot of talent (Abreu, Utley, Burrell, Floyd, Madson to name a few). Look for the Phillies to make a move in the East next season.

Arod is supposed to stay away from illegal poker houses, according to Yankers sources. Ah, maybe this is where Arod gets so far into debt to the mob that he has to throw the playoffs. Oh wait, no, thats just his sub=.200 playoff hitting.

Everyday Eddie Guardado will be back with the Mariners next season (unless they trade him). He was pretty sharp last year for a guy pitching through an injury all season: 2.72/1.19/3.20.

Moneyball is over! Scott Hatteberg had his option declined by the A's. Of course, they way Billy Beane works, he'll have Hatteberg back in the fold by next week. Of course, Hatty's 30 point drop in OBP might sour Beane to him. Also, the A's hired Gerald Perry as their hitting coach.

Oh yes, and the Gold Glove Winners were announced. Winners included the first Red Sox (Jason Varitek) since Tony Pena in 1991 and still wildly overvalued Derek Jeter (just as the BP crew what they think of Jeter's defense).

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biglou said...

Actually, BP says the last two years Jeter has been in the top 4 AL SS, which they can't seem to reconcile with the atrocious defense for every other year he's played in the bigs. I'll send you the article.