01 February 2006

It's like high school, except without all the many things that sucked

I am sleepy today, mostly because TGIF and I were on the phone last night for 3 hours. Why? you ask. Does she live far away? Well, if by far away you mean ~7 minutes by car away, then yes, she lives far away. So, no, she doesn't live far away. We just kind of get on a roll and BAM its 1 AM.

Anybody tell me whats the deal with Johnny Damon? Is he trashing the Sox and talking about Manny and Papi being great Yankers because he feels like the jilted ex-boyfriend? "Boy, I'm so much better off without you here! See! Look how happy I am! Look at all my friends like A-Rod and Jeter. Yeah, its pretty good now". Poor Johnny. And the Sox have moved onto the younger and more, eh, "fun" Coco Crisp.

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biglou said...

Dude, you are some strange combination of Joss Whedon and Darby Conley. You are Jarby Whedley!
Damn Iraqi geochemistry. . .