07 February 2006


Tuesday are rapidly becoming my least favorite day of the week.

I imagine its going to be a slow day today as (1) not much going on in the lab; (2) not much going on in baseball world; (3) I'm kind of sleepy. Ah well, maybe I should drag my arse to the gym tonight. Yes, I should.

And while I'm there, I have plenty of new music to listen to, as TGIF and I went to Sonic Boom last night and I spent too much cash. What did I get, you ask?
Jose Gonzalez - Veneer - TGIF and I are in agreement: this album is real good.
Palomar - Palomar III Revenge of Palomar - Only listened to a couple songs in the car, but it seems good so far.
Edan - Beauty and the Beat - Are these guys from Boston? I should find out. Seems like another winner.
Hard-Fi - Cash Machine EP - Purchased for all of 99 cents, mostly because they cover "Seven Nation Army", which is unfortunately only OK. I think TGIF said it best when saying "why cover this song when the original does it so well and so simply."

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