06 February 2006

The Magic of the iPod

So, for quite a few years now, I've had this, well, dream, let's say. I would listen to my iPod/mp3 player on the bus, or in my car or at night and set it on shuffle. Then, I would pretend that someone I fancy would be playing random songs and seeing if I can guess what song it is and we would talk about the song and music and everything. The sort of thing a music nerd like me would love. I knew full well that this sort of delusional fantasy would never come true and that I was just torturing myself with a search for just such an experience.
Last night I was driving around Seattle with TGIF and I had my iPod plugged into my stereo. She was in charge of the music and what does she do but RE-ENACT THAT ENTIRE FANTASY. Yes, my friends, TGIF started playing the "I'll-pick-a-song, you-name-it" game with my iPod. I practically swerved off the road. TGIF has made the leap from not only being super cool and fun to be with to "are you for real you're so great" status. It was brilliant. Heck, we sat in my car for like 30 minutes after getting to my apartment playing the game.


Anyway, a few other comments:
- Apparently the Super Bowl would have been great if the Seahawks showed up. Well, congrats to the Steelers. Any time you use your 3rd string RB to throw a TD, you deserved to win.
- Now that the Super Bowl is done, SPRING TRAINING IS ONLY 10 DAYS AWAY! Now, thats good news.
- For those Seattle-ites who look at this, Thursday is the 69 Love Songs Pre-Valentine's Day Bash at the Crocodile. Be there. There's a good chance that TGIF and I will be there. Heck, if you enter the contest before tomorrow (2/7) you might even win tickets.

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