23 February 2006

Thursdays ...

Man, I woke up in a odd mood this morning. I don't know rightly why, but I just did. Maybe its because its cold & grey. Maybe because its Thursday. Maybe its because the machine is down. Maybe it was from watching "The Godfather" with TGIF last night and now I'm worried I'm going to end up like Sonny or Luca. Ok, well, thats not really likely, but you never know.

I wish I had more interesting things to say right now. Baseball season is at its most boring/painful part, when all the news is "So and so reported to camp" or "Mr. Monkey is late for camp". Woo. I just want games to begin and stats to compile. Ah well. Maybe I should place my order on Amazon for the Baseball Prospectus 2006 that comes out next week. Yes, yes I will.

Anyway, back to sitting and wondering what to do about a carbonized "bulkhead insulator".

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