16 February 2006

Some early simulations of 2006

Ok folks, I know you've all been waiting for this, so here it is!
I've been simming the 2006 MLB season using Baseball Mogul 2006. The rosters are updated to last week (so no Jeff Weaver to LAA or Jose Lima to NYM yet). I simmed this roster alignment 52 times and got interesting results. (Note: I didn't realize that the computer controlled teams enough to sign Free Agents. The next version of this will not have this option. Otherwise, its the same roster all season with appropriate subs for injuries - which I can't turn off).

World Series Winners
- I hope you don't like New York. Between the Yankers and the Mets, they won 38 of the 52 WS.
- Next best? Boston and the Cubs won 4 each. They were the only other multiple WS winners.
- Other teams to win once: Oakland, Seattle, Atlanta, Washington, Houston & Arizona (Sorry AL Central).

Division Winners
- AL EAST: The Yankers won the AL East 50 out of 52 runs. Boston and Toronto won one each. Ouch.
- AL CENTRAL: Chicago won 30, Cleveland won 16 and Detroit won 6.
- AL WEST: Oakland won 31, Texas won 15 and Los Angeles/Seattle won 1 each.
- NL EAST: Mets dominate, winning 37. Philadelphia won 8 and Atlanta won 7.
- NL CENTRAL: In a bit of a surprise to me, Chicago won 32, Houston won 16 and Milwaukee/St. Louis won 2 each.
- NL WEST: Los Angeles won 29, San Francisco won 16 and Arizona won 7.

Wild Card
- AL: Red Sox continue to dominate the WC, winning 22. Texas (7), Oakland (5), Toronto (5), Cleveland (4), Detroit (3), New York (2) all won more than once. Kansas City, Minnesota, Baltimore and Seattle won 1 each.
- NL: Its less clearcut, with Philly winning 13, Atlanta 9 and Houston 8. Other multiple winners are New York (6), Chicago (4), Milwaukee (3), Los Angeles (2) and San Francisco (2). Pittsburgh and St. Louis each won 1.

Thats all I'll say for now as these runs were a bit of a test. Stay tuned for better runs in the near future!

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