23 May 2006

Shuffle of the Day 11 - "Malo" by Bebe

I'm sometimes troubled by my choice of music. I first heard this song (as a music video) in a hotel room in Pucon, Chile on one of the various Latin MTV-type stations. It was black & white and was pretty much a single shot of this woman with a buzzed haircut singing the song with a guitar. Very stripped down, very intense for MTV like fodder. I liked the song, it seemed kind of indie in a Latin-pop sort of way. However, it troubles me to think what I might have thought if this song was in english and I had seen the video on the American MTV or VH1 (well, if they still showed videos). Would I think it was just another Alanis/Avril/Ani style angry women rocker song? Am I totally biased by its Latin origins that I ignore what I might normally find bland and offensive to my musical sensibilities? At this point, I have no idea. I like the darn song and maybe I should spend less time worrying about whether music fits into my preceived musical heirachy of quality and instead just decide if I like it.

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