19 May 2006

Shuffle of the Day 9 - "The Dirty Song" by Cars Can Be Blue

Cars Can Be Blue have a special place in my heart for a number of important reasons
(a) They are named after a skit from the shortlived but undervalued MTV skit show The State. In this skit, contestants on a game show win orphans. Of course, both players play to lose and the final question is "Name a form of transportation". One contestant answers "blue" and the judges decide "Cars can be blue!" and every wins!
(b) The lead singer is cute. There, I said it. When I saw CCBB at the Croc in Seattle, I saw her wandering around the bar and thought "she looks like a cute indie girl with glasses" and I was right. What I didn't realize was the filth that would come from what appeared to be a demure lady.
(c) They saved me after a breakup. Yay!
Now, one thing you need to realize about CCBB is that they are very, very dirty. I mean filthy dirty. I mean, the drummer was in the crowd in his tighty whiteys grinding with random audience members dirty. And "The Dirty Song" is exactly what it seems. It starts sounding like a cute little indie rock song only to become a song that might make Chingy blush. For example, we find the lead singer singing lines like you can sodomize me/get behind and ride me/stuff your c*^k inside me/proceed to f$#k me blindly. Yes, indeed. Its all topped by the slow and tender bridge of we don't have to anything/if you don't want/we could just look into each others eyes/...and masterbate. Oh yes. I just get all red-faced thinking about. How I love you Cars Can Be Blue.


This week's iPod Top 10

10 Emily Kane - Art Brut
9 Our Days in Kansas - Tullycraft
8 The Ballad of the Sin Eater - Ted Leo/Pharmacists
7 Jogging Gorgeous Summer - the Islands
6 Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby - the Islands
5 The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living - the Streets
4 Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me - the Pipettes
3 Like U Crazy - Mates of State
2 Can't Con an Honest John - the Streets
1 Y.M.M.W.D.S.B. - Mon Frere


I was horribly excited this week to discover I am currently 12th place in the Baseball Prospectus Hacking Mass competition out of 1427 entries. HM allows you to pick a lineup of the worst players in baseball and see who ends up with the worst of the worst. Its tricky, they must be bad but not bad enough to not play. I've lucked out with gems like Rodrigo Lopez of the Orioles and Jose Molina of the Angels, but Tony Womack and Joe Mays are both currently jobless, which is bad for me. Ah well.


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