18 May 2006

Shuffle of the Day 8 - "Fearless" by the Bravery

Alright folks, this is what I've been afraid of all when I started this. This is when I wish I could call a "do-over". Not when the song is embarassing. Not when its a repeat. No, instead it's when a song like this comes up: Uninteresting, filler, trite music that ended up on my iPod as something to maybe give a chance. I suppose its my own doing by putting anything on my iPod by the Bravery that isn't "Honest Mistake" or "Unconditional" (and they aren't that great anyway). "Fearless" is just well, bad. It's like you took a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of Franz Ferdinand. It's exactly like what Pitchfork said in their review (and I normally don't agree with them): the Bravery are dance-rock's Stone Temple Pilots. Of course, the Bravery didn't end up being nearly as popular STP, which is fine with me. I'm still baffled about the popularity of Scott Weiland and the boys, but that was the alterna-crazy 1990s for you. "Fearless" just seems so lifeless especially when the next song to come up on my iPod is "Why Can't I Touch It?" by the Buzzcocks. So close, yet so far away. Sigh.


Here is my review of the Streets' Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. In rereading it, maybe I was a little harsh on a lot of it because I really enjoy it. Ah well.


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biglou said...

I must admit to liking STP, and even to owning their debut, "Core", while simultaneously admitting that they are (were, I should say) a less talented rip-off of Pearl Jam. At least they aren't Silverchair or Days of the New.