01 May 2006

Back from California

Well, It's final. I will be moving to Davis for that postdoc sometime in the early summer. Let the fun begin. I guess that means I have to move again. And I love moving. Did I mention that?

My flight to Davis was 1 1/2 hours late because the 737-700 was leaking from the tail rudder. Yeah, that much fun. They apparently decided it would be A-OK except "we might fishtail a little". Now, call me crazy, but I prefer my large aircraft to not fishtail. Well, the flight was fine.

Davis seems like a cool place. Sunny & warm when I was there, full of bikes & women. Yeah. The Geology department is full of friendly, relatively young faculty. I was duly impressed with the set up (although they are a little cramped for space).

I'll be posting some pics from the flights to and from Sacramento here sometime soon. Guess what? They're mostly pics of volcanoes. Surprising eh?

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