16 October 2006

And its already the middle of October?!

As Marty's brother might said "When did this happen?!"

I've been hindered lately in my research by a lack of parts for a magnetic separator that has got to be 40 years old (at least) and the company is apparently whittling the new metal chute by hand with illegal hobbit labor or something. In the meantime, I get to spend quality time with the electron microprobe (woo!) and order large flats of 2.5L bottles of HCl and HNO3 (double woo!)

However ... it has afforded me time to try to work on my teaching/research statements and my talk for next week. And, I have now officially gotten my name on a paper - albeit as the third author - on a paper from my undergraduate thesis in Maine. Yes, now the offers will come rolling in!

Otherwise, this was a great weekend (for reasons that may become clear later). I was hoping to see the Skygreen Leopards, but they cancelled. No matter! The weekend was still excellent. I did destroy my shoulder again playing ultimate. No matter! Weekend of excellence! I only got through 2.5 of the 5 TIG reviews I need to write. No matter! (I think you get the picture).

Also, was I the only one who found that from my post of Friday picture amusing? C'mon people?!

Just for that, enjoy this prancing unicorn. F&%k you, that's what the unicorn is saying.
(In an amusing sidelight, when I pulled down my google menu to re-search for "unicorns" (don't ask), I saw a search that took me a moment to remember why the hell I searched for "sexless shoulder to cry on". Ah Joss, you bastard).

That's it. F&%king prancing unicorns for your day. Don't say I didn't ever do anything for ya.

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geobabe said...

are you going to GSA? you mentioned talk.