18 October 2006

Yo La Tengo is gooood.

Yo La Tengo with Why?
Harlowe's, Sacramento CA 10/17/2006

Opening band (Why?) - Ever wonder what a band fronted by a sweaty, shirtless, emaciated Billy from Six Feet Under might look like? Well, look no further! Why? was ok, but felt a little "flavor-of-the-month", mixing up equal parts Dismemberment Plan, Modest Mouse & TV of the Radio. They had some promise if they could get over trying to be overly eccentric, and maybe, you know, bathe.

Yo La Tengo - They were great! They mixed up their set from their entire ouevre, hitting the messed up distorted epics like "The Story of Yo La Tengo" to some of the best quiet songs they've done like "Center of Gravity" and "The Summer". They also nailed their underappreciated gem "Little Eyes". However, for me, the showstopper was "Nuclear War". I was hoping they'd play it, but was wondering what they might do without the chorus of small children, but instead they started with a new rhythm and broke it out into maybe 4 different songs (stylistically). It was stunning (as was my company for the show.)

So, in honor of the Yo La Tengo show, here is today's cute animal cursing. Enjoy!

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