19 October 2006

Erik starring in: Music Critic Mea Culpa!

For those of you who enjoy reading someone writing circles around themselves, you might enjoy the saga that is my review of The Thermals' The Body, The Blood, The Machine. Be sure to click the link in the last sentence to see the first, original review of the album from August. I was very torn about this. My opinion on the album has changed, but does this mean I should have written this semi-retraction, semi-modification of the review? How does that effect my legitimacy? Why do I think I have any legitimacy anyway? I'm not too sure.

I don't have any cute animals today ... but I did want to post an image of the Killers from Bill Simmons' Mailbag mostly because I'm entirely amused that they look like they should be on Sabado Gigante. This is my attempt to give props to both one of my bigger influences in my writing style (Simmons) and the uber-Chilean, Don Francisco.

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