06 October 2006

The week, in review

So, its Friday.

This week started with a bang that turned into a pop that degraded to a fizzle that rebounded to a crackle. So, here we are, crackling. Not sure what exactly it was about this week that was so odd, but it feels like a transitional week ... not too sure what I'm transitioning from to get to someplace I don't know, but it felt that way. A rebuilding week, with lots of new players trying out and old players fading to the background (possibly being moved for PTBN). I've had somewhat low energy, which I blame on (a) the return of the students on campus here - I swear, the campus must have a finite amount of energy that is divided by the total amount of people on it, and the damn students are using much larger than their fair share and (b) my shoulder injury acquired by playing ultimate. Not sure how the latter might effect energy, but it is. However, as I've been reminded, self-pity is not cute, I shall stop wallowing in it and instead muster my forces to move ahead. A few key conclusions from this week (1) stop being such a muddled mess and be decisive; (b) the interweb is not a place to be social ... it's a tool, like a butcher's knife or a harpoon or...uh, a...an alligator (Thank you Homer); (c) fall just isn't the same without the Red Sox in the playoffs ... its, well, calmer. Maybe thats what's throwing me off ... ? Since 2003, I've had almost a full month of stress related to the Red Sox in the postseason, occupying most of October, but now, I can sit back and relax, jump on any bandwagon I choose (Go A's!) and its kind of disconcerting but at the same time, comforting.

There you have it. And I say we must move forward, not backward! Upward, not forward! And always twirling, twirling, TWIRLING toward freedom!



biglou said...

Here we come Yankers or Tigers! Either way, we have some ass kickin' to do.
And restaurant girl was not at the dance tonight, so I was bummed. Glad your evening went well.

Jesse said...

Well, though the Sox aren't in the playoffs, neither are the Yanks. Steinbrenner is apparently pissed enough that rumors are abound about Torre joining the unemployment population.