04 January 2006

Back in the correct time zone

Well, I think my body has recovered and now knows what time zone it is in. Of course, my back is still recovering from 6 hours sitting in seat 17A on an A320 from Boston to Seattle (nonstop!) However, surprisingly enough, I'm rather giddy with anticipation today.


Some music purchases over the holidays:
Gang of Four - Brief History of the 20th Century - I finally wanted to know what people meant when they say "reminds me of Gang of Four"
Aesop Rock - Float - Sinister. Good. I think I like it better than Bazooka Tooth
Blackalicious - The Craft - Haven't spent enough time to have comments, but seems good so far.
Tiger Saw - Sing! - Really good. Look for a threeimaginarygirls review in the near future.
Casey Dienel - Wind-up Canary - Super good. Look for a review of this as well.

Some baseball comments:
More Damon fallout - As discussed with some of my friends in Boston, the Red Sox front office seems baffling. They didn't seem to make any moves for a CF (or any move at all) while Toronto added Troy Glaus. Are they preoccupied with Tejada, Jeremy Reed or Coco Crisp? If the Sox add any of those players, I will be happy. Some of the deals seem a little 1 sided (Manny & Clement for Tejada - only good if the O's pick up a lot, I mean a lot, of the money).

Preston Wilson to Houston - My Houston prediction for Preston: .283/35/102. Mark it down.

Glaus to Toronto - Well, if the infield was all 3B, they would be all set with Glaus, Shea Hillenbrand, Corey Koskie and Eric Hinske. Looks like Russ Adams will be starting at 2B too. Miguel Batista and Orlando Hudson are a good draw for Arizona to get out of Glaus' contract.

Coming soon ... My new metric - NHRP ... Can you guess what that is? And what it tells us about the importance of Grady Sizemore?

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