19 January 2006

No disassemble

So we have the MC here mostly disassembled and ready to move tomorrow. This will involve getting an engine hoist into the lab and moving a ~500 kg magnet. Now, if thats not fun, I don't know what is! Well, maybe I do know what is.

I'll be pretty happy when this move is done. More than pretty happy. I just have to survive it all and not become a big freak around the-girl-I-fancy. I can sometimes have the tendency to come on too strong or too quickly, which is bad, especially considering how fond I am of TGIF (weird, I didn't even notice the coincidence of the abreviation until I typed it...huh). Breathe Erik, breathe. Maybe spend some quality time at the IMA (gym) to distract oneself. Yes, thats it.

And remember, if you're in Seattle, you should come to the Best of 2005 Winners Showcase as presented by the Three Imaginary Girls tomorrow (Friday) at Neumo's. TGIF and I will be there, so should you!

Ok, thats all.

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