09 January 2006

Maybe I shouldn't have bothered today

Yes, quite a day.

1 - Girl I fancy may not fancy me as much just yet. Ah well. Patience on this one. At least we're still going out.
2 - Two rejection letters from two colleges. So much for moving to Ohio or Virginia. Wait, that might be a good thing.
3 - Argument with insurance company. They win. Sodding bastards.

Well, at least I have a cookie.

Saw an episode of Buffy last night I had never seen before, but had the best Riley line ever:
Buffy: I don't like you (Dawn) hanging out with someone that... short.
Riley: Yeah, a lot of young people nowadays are experimenting with shortness. Gotta nip that in the bud.

Thats all. Oh and the new Strokes album is a lot better than I expected.

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