23 January 2006

Coo-coo for Coco

Well, looks like Theo v2.0 has pulled off his first deal. Well, maybe he never left, but anyway, it appears as if the Red Sox will acquire Coco Crisp (OF) from Cleveland. Now, the rumors have many permutations, so take your pick:

Sox get: Coco + PTBML
Indians get: Andy Marte (3B) + Guillermo Mota (RP)


Sox get: Coco + Dave Riske (RP) + Josh Bard (C)
Indians get: Marte + Mota + Kelly Shoppach (C)


Sox get: Coco + 2 PTBNL
Indians get: Marte + Mota + PTBNL

I personally prefer #2, as Riske is a good, young reliever. Bard I'm less excited about, but what are you going to do?

However, Coco would be a good birthday present. He might not completely replace Damon, but he'll be a good, relatively cheap OF for the Sox.

And yes, today I do get older. TGIF is taking me out for dinner, so I'm excited. At some point, TGIF might need a new name, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Maybe need something akin to Bill Simmons' "Sportsgal" but, of course, more appropriate to this venue. Hmmm. Well, thats for another day that I'm not feeling older.

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