13 January 2006

NFL Playoffs, Afghan Whigs and Baltimillar.

OK, not much to say today because, well, I'm giddy. I love that word. Giddy.

I don't know too much about the NFL. Of course, I did win one of my fantasy football leagues. What that did teach me is that good defense beats everything. Well, 90% of the time (I have no basis for that stat other than its less than 100%). So how does that make me qualified to predict football? It doesn't. Is anybody? No. Why do it? It's fun on a bun!


Redskins at Seahawks - I live in Seattle. I feel their pain that the Seahawks stink in the playoffs. Of course, there seems to be much less buzz in Seattle about the playoffs than in Boston about the Pats. I guess thats not too surprising. As much as I hate Alexander and Hasselbeck (I wanted them both gone), I want to see a Seahawks/Pats Superbowl. So, in that note: 28-10 Seattle.
Patriots at Broncos - The Patriots are just a different team come the playoffs. It will still be close though 27-21 New England.
Steelers at Colts - Payton Manning is the Derek Jeter of the NFL. No, thats not a compliment. But I'd still want to see the Pats dispatch with Indy. 31-17 Indianapolis.
Panthers at Bears - I think the Bears would be my Superbowl NFC team if it wasn't for the Seahawks. 17-10 Chicago.

On the Afghan Whigs - I still think that Gentlemen was the most underrated album of the 1990s. Listen to it. You'll agree.

On Kevin Millar - Thanks for getting that walk in Game 4. You know which one. May you enjoy all the ribs you want in Baltimore.

Ok! The weekend starts here. Well, no, but soon.

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