25 January 2006

On Theo, trades and rain

Theo and the Coco trade: Ok, so you quit your job, leave in a gorilla suit, tour South America with the Pearl Jam and where do you end up? Back in your same job 3 months later, but with a better title and everyone scratching their heads. That's the Red Sox for you. Now Theo just have to find a CF, SS and maybe trade Wells. Looks like the Coco deal might be dead in the water thanks to Mota and his lack of a shoulder, and I sure hope they don't trade Delcarmen away instead. So who knows whats going on with the Sox, but I think all the naysayers you think the Sox are toast might be a little presumptuous. Maybe instead the Sox can trade Clement for Kearns straight up. Now that I like (unless Kearns gets injured, like usual).

Rain: Never attempt to make plans in Seattle between October and April by uttering the phrase "if the weather stays nice." It ain't gonna happen. The rain God can hear you and it will instantly cloud over and start to, well, rain.

Thats it for now, unless you really want to hear about U and Th on a multicollector ICP-MS. Eh? Eh?! Any takers?

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