27 January 2006

The move is over!

Finally, after 1 year+ of talk, the move in the renovated Johnson Hall is over! The engineer from Nu Instruments is headed back to Wales. I can reconstruct my lab finally and get my office in order. Remind me to post an image of what the view from my office is. Its great, I'll tell you that much.

Part of today will be spent getting my head back in order. I'm making dinner for TGIF this evening (tonight's theme, picked by her, is "cheese"). Then its off to country music at the Lil Red Hen. I'm excited, as usual.

If you want to listen to something while you work, you should head over to NPR. No, not for news & information, but for the great streams of concerts they have posted including the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Bloc Party, Interpol, the White Stripes, Bright Eyes & coming soon, Colin Meloy (of the Decemberists). Good stuff to work with.

And I think I need a new keyboard.


Jesse said...

I have a recipe for the best mac and cheese you'll ever have in your entire life, if you want it. It's killer. and pretty easy. Email me and let me know.

Jesse said...

i just realized that you typed that entry yesterday. damn.