24 January 2006

Sunny in Seattle

Yesterday was quite a good birthday as birthday's go. Lots of cupcakes and brownies, and then TGIF took me to a great little Italian place where we ate and split a bottle of wine. She also got me a jade plant, a mystery gift that hasn't arrived yet thanks to UPS and pie! I have to admit, every time I go out with TGIF, I find myself getting amazed each time. Hard to describe, and yes, horribly cheesy. So I just have to pace myself and let her take her time to reach conclusions and such. Otherwise, I just try to hard to make things happen. So, Erik, time to sit back and enjoy. That seems to work a lot better than an odd Soviet-style 5-year plan to boost Iron production. Yes, remember this my friends: the Soviet Union is no role model for love.

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