18 January 2006

Packing boxes

Slow day on packing boxes for the big lab move.

Maybe a couple links for the day:

Brakes - Give Blood: Another fine TIG review. Best of 2005 Showcase is this Friday too, at Neumo's!

John Donovan is an idiot: Everybody gets a C, and just read his 2 paragraphs on the Yankers, where he says that they both smartly didn't overpay for someone -- for once. and they went out and bought Damon (four years, $52 million -- ouch). Talk about fine writing!

Oh yeah, and after Riley leaves Buffy, it gets depressing! Geesh!

1 comment:

biglou said...

To be perfectly fair, I think Donovan was specifically refering to not overpaying for a starting pitcher, as opposed to a player generally. Not that this makes him less of an idiot, per se, but it does make his writing slightly less hypocritical.