16 January 2006

Its Monday Morning, I'm Not Wide Awake

Well, so much for my career as an NFL prognosticator. Lets see I went 1/4. Colts got smacked out by the Steelers, the Bears got wiped by the Panthers. And then there were the Pats. In what was possibly the worst Pats game in many years, the Broncos manhandled the Pats, their Super Bowl reign and 10-0 playoff run into the past. They lost to a former porn star no less in Denver QB Jake Plummer (was that the dirtiest mustache that Fox kept on showing for Plummer's pic since Burt Reynolds in "Smokie & the Bandit?). I mean, even his name sounds sleazy. Anyway, the Broncos showed that they had the Pats figured out and that was that.

So, so much for football. I still would like to see the Seahawks make the Super Bowl. We'll see.

We watched "Hustle & Flow" last night and have it say, I liked it. Maybe didn't love it, but it was good, especially Terrance Howard as "D-Jay". And, needless to say, I'm always amused to see D.J. Qualls in anything.

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