27 November 2006

The 4 Lessons

So, after an odd weekend of mood swings, frisbee, High Fidelity and records, I've come to a number of important conclusions:

(1) I am not assertive enough (or at all).
(2) I am too available to people I have a romantic interest.
(3) I don't follow my instinct enough.
(4) My life was altered in junior high when I decided that the epitome of life of Kerry Kuokannen, a senior who was the soccer goalkeeper, anindie rocker (before indie rock) with a hottie alt/indie girlfriend. Since then, subconsciously (or consciously) that is what I've aspired to accomplish.

Now, 1-3 can be remedied. 4 is more of a "huh, well I'll be." sort of thing. So, today, I am attempting to be more assertive. Sometimes this is difficult when the person you're trying to be assertive to looks like death warmed over. However, I have decided that I deserve more from my current flame than having to deal with her being down and dour about everything. Where is the fun in that? Now, the question is, how do I make that clear when she's being all gloomy? That will be the fun part, eh?

Anyway ... it is time to be a champion and not a chump. Champions do what is right because they know its right, even if others might not. Make sense, eh?

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