02 November 2006

Thursdays indeed

So, my enthusiasm has quicky converted to ambivalence. I think the reaction is something like this ...

optimism + enthusiasm + 2*unrealistic expectations + hidden problems <-> ambivalent + angst + resigned failure + 2*uncomfortable situations

Not sure if it balances, but hey, its close ...

Today, it has rained. A lot. First time since I moved here in early August. I had a good run, but now its done. Ah well.
I think instead of going out tonight I want to sit at home and regroup... Yeah, thats it.

In honor of the rain, here is a picture of Andrew WK. I still think I Get Wet was a darn fine album.
I am also a big fan of his demeanor in this picture, especially today.

1 comment:

biglou said...

I love the fact that you proved, on the same day you wrote the equation, that it is, in fact, reversible.
You and your crazy living in a fantasy world.