07 November 2006

Late Night Politics

Alright, well, it looks like the Democrats have won back the House and look like they're headed for a tie in the Senate (well, not really with the Darth Cheney tiebreaker). Good for the Democrats, it is about time. Hopefully they can not f&%k up too bad before the 2008 Presidential Election.

So, thats enough for politics. Right now I'm not really feeling like partying because I'm kind of melancholy again. It has been a very up & down week for me, and I really don't know what the overall trend is for this whole situation. It's probably dumb of me to think what I think, but I wish I could meet someone who just wants to be with me. No complications, no hesitation, no nothing. Maybe I'm just insane for thinking this is possible. Who knows. Maybe I just don't know how to find people like that for me, but its really kind of getting me down lately. Not that I don't have someone who likes me ... I do, but there are of course, complications, and I just wish that it could all be easier. Maybe I'm impatient about it all. Jeez, what is my problem lately?

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