20 November 2006

Blogging about blogs

Yes, indeed. I do not have much to say today beyond...

(1) I apparently destroyed by jaw & ribcage playing soccer yesterday. Nothing as anti-satisfying as getting hurt in a losing effort, but I could take consolation in the fact that we played the whole game 2 players-down.
(2) When did the airlines decide it should cost 75% more to fly from the west coast to the east coast than this time last year?
(3) I find it a little odd to blog about a blog, but if you want to read a blog that is both entertaining and full of good (free) mp3s, check out the daily (well, M-F) blog of Tullycraft, the truly excellent Seattle band. Good stuff almost every day.

Thats it ... At least its a short week, right?

1 comment:

LindseyBee said...

i love the tullycraft blog too!