15 March 2006

Drafts, Events and All

So, the Magma League draft went swimmingly. Except that I hate all my players. No, just kidding. But again, I pick the young/unproven players over old/proven players. Damn me and my obsession with upside. A few picks I'm excited about are: Ryan Howard (1B - PHI), Mike Jacobs (1B - FLA), Ryan Zimmerman (3B - WAS), Noah Lowry (SP - SF), Curtis Granderson (OF - DET). Picks I'm afraid I'll regret: J.J. Hardy (SS - MIL), Aaron Harang (SP - CIN), Craig Hansen (RP - BOS). We'll see.

I'm going to try to start a new column soon called "Albums That Time Forgot" as I've always wanted to that sort of column. The first album will be The Afghan Whigs' Gentlemen. Look for that in the relatively near future. Maybe.

1 comment:

biglou said...

This would be like the Onion A/V clubs "Films that Time Forgot"?
And if you fancy trading Craig Hansen for Mike Maroth or [insert random player I got in the last 6 rounds], you should let me know.