08 March 2006

E6, 13 Coins, 24Mg and BP2006

Just posted on Three Imaginary Girls is my review for Electric Six's Senor Smoke, which isn't too good of an album, but is one of my favorite reviews I've written.

Last night TGIF had her big birthday bash at the 13 Coins in Seatac. Yes, we celebrated her 28th across from Seatac Airport in a lounge mostly populated by people over 45 years old. With a lounge singer. Who played the trumpet. It was brilliant. And man, he could do a spot-on Willie Nelson for "Always on My Mind" and nailed TGIF's favorite Paul Simon song. Now, why is it that there aren't more lounges like this anymore? You can hear yourself think in there, the drinks are relatively cheap, the mood is great and its not full of crazed drunken youth. Wait? Does this mean we're old. As one of TGIF's friend's pointed out "she's celebrated her 80th birthday here - look, we're in a lounge and she's drinking scotch on the rocks". Ah yes. Got to love it.

Magnesium works again on the machine! Huzzah!

I got my copy of Baseball Prospectus 2006. Huzzah!

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