02 March 2006

Open the floodgates

As of late, I've been uneasy. I've been trying to pinpoint why, and I think I've decided that I think too much. This should come as no shock to people who know me. So, for the time being, I'm going to try to revert back to my mantra of not thinking more than a week in advance. I did it for awhile, and it seemed to work. It's just a challenge for me because I tend to be Mr. Planny McPlan. So, thats my goal. Enjoy the moment and damn the torpedoes. No more planning, no more theories.

That is, of course, other than planning for baseball drafts.

(Wow, I almost typed "It's Friday!" It is, rather, Thursday, but seeing TGIF makes me think I've reached the weekend.)

Now, I just need to look up how to make southern fried chicken. Ah yes.

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