10 March 2006

(On edge) Edit - Less edge now

March puts me on edge. Maybe its all those Ides. I shouldn't be on edge - I have nothing to be worried about anyway. Huh. Maybe I need to stop drinking coffee or something.

Anyway, I listened to too much Boston sports talk radio on WEEI this morning waiting for the "spill delay" Sox spring training game to begin (the Phillies bus was delayed by a spill on the highway). I really don't like sports talk radio - its almost as bad as conservative talk radio, just a lot of yelling and circular arguments by men who like to hear themselves talk. At least the game is back on.

Magma League draft is coming up. I'm excited.

And if you want to kill some time thinking about baseball, check out Baseball Reference. It has info on almost every player, team and year of baseball. Excellent stuff. Almost as excellent as the Baseball Card Blog.

This week's iPod Top 10

10 Nature Anthem - Grandaddy
9 Heartbeats - The Knife
8 Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie
7 My Friend Dario - Vitalic
6 Steady, As She Goes - the Raconteurs
5 Goin' Against Your Mind - Built to Spill
4 This Modern Love - Bloc Party
3 Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez
2 Rock & Roll Queen - the Subways
1 When You Wasn't Famous - the Streets

Oh yes, and a new TIG review: Jose Gonzalez - Veneer.

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Jess H said...

Boo, March. I'm with you. I don't trust this month as far as I can throw a monkey...a big monkey, that sort of clings to you & doesn't want to be thrown. I mean, picture that.