29 March 2006

My picks for '06

Ok, some of you have seen this, but here is an abbreviated look at my MLB picks for 2006

East - New York
Central - Cleveland
West - Oakland
Wild Card - Boston
Most Improved Team - Seattle (2nd in West)
Most Disappointing Team - Texas (Last in West)

East - Philadelphia
Central - Chicago
West - Los Angeles
Wild Card - St. Louis
Most Improved Team - Colorado (2nd in West)
Most Disappointing Team - Houston (5th in Central)

Oakland over Boston
Cleveland over New York
Chicago over Los Angeles
Philadelphia over St. Louis

Cleveland over Oakland
Philadelphia over Chicago

Cleveland over Philadelphia

AL MVP - Victor Martinez (CLE - C)
NL MVP - Albert Pujols (STL - 1B)
AL Cy Young - Josh Beckett (BOS)
NL Cy Young - Carlos Zambrano (CHC)

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