22 March 2006

Note to self: Stop being dumb

No, my friends, its not what you think.

I spent the last 2 days in Corvallis. For those of you who have been there or lived there, you know the feeling of "I never want to go back there again. Ever." Thats the feeling I have. At least I got a big paper submitted for a fancy volume on the origin of granites. Woo! Corvallis seemed especially small this time and especially uninteresting.

Also, a note on the whole "no self serve gas in Oregon". I hate that. I hate it so much I drove on fumes into Washington (Vancouver, specifically) only to run out of gas as I crossed the border. Yes, I am so stubborn about the gas pumping thing I let myself run out of fuel on I-205. Luckily, my 2005 VW Golf came with free roadside assistance, so I just had to wait 1 hour at Exit 27 waiting for a one-armed man to come and put 1 gallon of fuel into my car. So, a usual 4 hour drive took a mere 5:45. Oh well.

Congrats to Japan for winning the WBC. And congrats to Peter Gammons of ESPN who was the only writer on the venerable sports network to pick Japan to win the WBC back when the tournament started. On the whole, I think the WBC was a success. It was a lot of fun to watch and see the so-called powerhouses like the DR and USA get wiped out by the likes of Korea and Cuba.

Less than two weeks until opening day. Now that's exciting!

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