16 March 2006

WBC so far

Ok, so my WBC prediction just ain't gonna pan out with Venezuela and Japan gone. Oh well.
So I am officially on the Korea bandwagon. 100% officially. Go Korea!

edit 3/17/06 - Oops, I thought Japan was eliminated, but I was wrong -- it was the USA that was canned. Ah ha ha!

Last night, TGIF & I watched the original Wes Craven version of The Hills Have Eyes, which wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. I'm sure at the time it was a shocking, amoral film, but today it seems pretty tame. It is amusing, however, that the smartest member of the family in peril was clearly the dog. I imagine the remake will be very gory and probably very bad too. (And not a mention of nuclear fallout in the original either). Hopefully we'll get to my other current Netflix film True Romance. Ah yes.

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biglou said...

Dude, Japan and Korea are playing off for the finals, so how is Japan out of it? But I definitely did not see both of them in the semis, and the US and Mexico out of it entirely. I'm pretty surprised.