02 March 2006

Three teams so fast

Ok, well, I've drafted three teams so far for my non-main league (i.e., my "casual" yahoo! leagues). And, for the people who care, I thought I'd post my three post draft rosters. Fun stuff. Not sure why, but it is.

Pos. Monorail on Fire Seattle Metros Washington Bigfoot
C K. Johjima (SEA) J. Estrada (AZ) A. Pierzynski (CHW)
1B D. Ortiz (BOS) A. Pujols (STL) R. Sexson (SEA)
2B J. Cantu (TB) R. Weeks (MIL) C. Figgins (LAA)
3B E. Chavez (OAK) E. Chavez (OAK) C. Jones (ATL)
SS N. Garciaparra (LA) J. Lugo (TB) E. Renteria (ATL)
OF G. Sizemore (CLE) G. Sizemore (CLE) V. Guerrero (LAA)
OF B. Wilkerson (TEX) A. Jones (ATL) C. Floyd (NYM)
OF C. Crisp (BOS) C. Tracy (AZ) C. Crisp (BOS)
DH G. Jenkins (MIL) R. Sexson (SEA) M. Sweeney (KC)
BCH P. Fielder (MIL) G. Atkins (COL) P. Fielder (MIL)
BCH J. Gibbons (BAL) C. Shelton (DET) W. Taveras (HOU)
BCH K. Greene (SD) J. Gibbons (BAL) C. Monroe (DET)

SP J. Beckett (BOS) J. Beckett (BOS) J. Peavy (SD)
SP R. Oswalt (HOU) T. Hudson (ATL) D. Willis (FLA)
SP N. Lowry (SF) Z. Duke (PIT) D. Davis (MIL)
SP G. Chacin (TOR) M. Cain (SF) A. Burnett (TOR)
RP F. Rodriguez (LAA) F. Rodriguez (LAA) B. Ryan (TOR)
RP D. Turnbow (MIL) M. Gonzalez (PIT) C. Reitsma (ATL)
P C. Reitsma (ATL) A. Heilman (NYM) M. Gonzalez (PIT)
P M. Cain (SF)
BCH D. Cabrera (BAL) D. Cabrera (BAL) E. Santana (LAA)
BCH Ol. Perez (PIT) B. Arroyo (BOS) S. Shields (LAA)
(sorry for the formatting - I'll fix it if I have time)

Monorail on Fire are in a 10-team, 5x5 head to head league and was picked in a live draft.
Seattle Metros are in a 12-team 5x5 head to head winners league and was picked in an pre-ranked (by me) autodraft
Washington Bigfoot are in a 12-team 5x5 roto league and was picked autodraft using the yahoo! rankings

Comments? Feelings?

I'll wait to post my thoughts ...

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