01 March 2006


For those of you who are interested, I've been trying to revise my homepage. However, in doing so I've begun to wonder: what purpose does a home page serve anymore? Does anyone look at personal homepages? Has the blog overtaken the homepage in terms of an easily updated nexus of information for the world to see? Ah well. What it does allow is for me to make a little home for links to all my TIG reviews, including the new one for Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan.

In the baseball front, Manny Ramirez reported to the Red Sox spring training complex in Ft. Myers, Florida today, just as he said he would. Now, I hope that all the talking heads in Boston would shut up about what a distraction Manny is and remember his monster numbers he puts up, year in, year out. However, did anyone else notice that Manny might be going all Ricky Williams on us?

Long week. Almost made it. Tonight will be a good, quiet evening full of Evil Willow. I've now made it through Seasons 1-6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer since November and I've notice a few things. (1) I didn't appreciate Riley and Tara enough the first time through; (2) I still hate Dawn; (3) Season 5 just ain't that good, mostly because the actress who plays Glory just is terrible. Ah well.

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biglou said...

Ugh, why did you have to link to that Dawn discussion? After reading the first 15 posts (I'm surprised I made it that far), I'm ashamed to be a Buffy fan. Those people are nuts. "She has to be annoying, she's a teenager!" "She's the only family (blood-related) she [Buffy] has left," "She had to be there, she was the key!" I leave it to you to notice how contradictory and flat out wrong most of the comments are. I don't just mean I disagree, but they are unconnected to the show. Did these people actually watch the show before commenting?
I almost lost my lunch.