06 March 2006

Pile of little things

Ok, here goes

- Thanks to Bloodfist for providing a copy of the new Built to Spill song "Going Against Your Mind". I'd have to say, I like it lots. A little more aggressive than previous Built to Spill stuff, maybe a little more like songs from There's Nothing Wrong with Love. And what can you say for a band that has a 8:47-long song for the first single? Well, its not like they haven't done it before. Overall: 4/5.

- TGIF and I watched the Oscars last night. I thought John Stewart did an great job - especially when it was obviously his material and not the terrible Oscar writers - but do you expect to see him there again? At least I can now say that I've met an Oscar host, eh? Otherwise, pretty long and uninteresting with bad lighting and camera work. However, I was glad that "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" won Best Song. It was all worth it to see Ludacris in a suit, eh? And did anyone notice that Terrence Howard has become Cuba Gooding Jr.?

- New album purchased this weekend: Disenchanted Hearts Unite by Tullycraft. Good, fun stuff. Think indie rock Beach Boys. Sort of. And based in Seattle!

- Baseball is back on internet radio! Excited! Excited!

- My World Baseball Classic Prediction:
Pool A winners: Korea & Japan (already finished - not a prediction)
Pool B winners: United States & Canada
Pool C winners: Cuba & Panama
Pool D winners: Dominican Rep. & Venezuela

Round 2, Pool 1: Korea, Japan, US & Canada - Winners: Japan & US
Round 3, Pool 2: Cuba, Panama, Dom. Rep., Venezuela - Winners: Venezuela & Cuba

Semi: US vs Japan - Japan
Semi: Venezuela vs. Cuba - Venezuela

Finals: Venezuela 4 - Japan 2

*edit 3/8/06* - in retrospect, watching Big Papi crank 2 HR vs Venezuela makes me think that maybe the Dominican will do better than I predict. Ah well


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Jesse said...

Bloodfist! haHA! Thanks for always reminding me of that. By far my favorite (and obviously, most appropriate) nickname ever.