13 March 2006


Well, give it to MLB, they got me hooked on the damn World Baseball Classic. Of course, getting someone like me hooked on baseball is probably about as easy as getting a Phish fan hooked on weed, but hey, whatever. I watched parts of three games yesterday. The US-Japan game was good except for the botched call and the fact that I found myself rooting for Japan. Does that make me an "American Hater" as Big Lou might put it? I clapped when A-Rod struck out in the second. Ah well. The Puerto Rico-Dominican Republic game was a bit of a surprise, and who would think that the DR could be eliminated as early as today when they play Cuba? Finally, the Mexico-Korea game was a great pitching duel. Did anyone notice that after 4 games, the Korean pitching staff has a cumulative ERA of 1.00?! Yes, 1.00. And they have a third basemen named "Bum Ho". I'm jumping on the Korea bandwagon today against the US.

A new review for your enjoyment: Rachael Cantu - Run All Night.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to crawl under a rock and get rid of this cold.

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