17 March 2006

US: Stick a fork in them

Well, the US bowed out of the WBC last night. I watched the last few innings and man, the US just didn't look too good.
However, one sequence I have to point out. In the top of the ninth, with the US down 2-1 to Mexico, the following happened:
The inning opened with Jorge De La Rosa facing Ken Griffey. de la Rosa struck out Griffey (impressive considering that de la Rosa is a borderline pitcher for the Brewers) and then walked Chipper Jones. Mexico then pulled de la Rosa in favor of the (much better) Washington RP Luis Ayala to face A-Rod ... who he proceeded to walk. So, the US has 2 on with only 1 out. Mexico then pulls Ayala in favor of David Cortes (an OK RP for the Rockies). They pan to the ondeck circle and Vernon Wells is up next. Yeach. At that point, you wonder "who else can they send up there?" So, new pitcher that have never faced Wells, and what does Wells do? FIRST PITCH SWING, that's what. Groundout - double play - game over. Done & done. Why oh why do you swing at the first pitch (that was down & in anyway)? Geesh.

TGIF & I went and saw Walk the Line (for me, it was the second time) and I liked it more this time around. Just an all-around great movie.

OK, here is my weekly iPod top 10

10 Nature Anthem - Grandaddy
9 Gold Lion - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8 Heartbeats - The Knife
7 Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie
6 This Modern Love - Bloc Party
5 Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez
4 Steady, As She Goes - the Raconteurs
4 Goin' Against Your Mind - Built to Spill
2 My Friend Dario - Vitalic
1 When You Wasn't Famous - the Streets

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Jesse said...

yeah, it's corny, i know... but i feel this twinge of pride when i see a song on your top 10 that i sent you. i know, i'm lame.